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A Helsinki freeze week

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

I spent last week in Helsinki, for work.

Although it was a little shame to spend most of time [day-light-time] working, it is so worthy to go out see something so different to what I am used to.
The temperatura was around -25º C sometimes and -for pete’s sake- that was cold. My breathe was like a smoke column all around, my feet and hands were almost dead, and it was hard to stay still in such a frozen paviment (all frozen).

Things I really loved were:

  • The sparkling little air particles in the air, frozen air
  • One morning I saw, like in those fantastic movies, the real little tiiiiny snow stars we’ve always seen on TV and we didn’t know it was real… they are! Over my cab, a lot of those were there, perfect 6 corner stars as big as a sand grain…
  • It was when I had a beer, one night, that I saw all finnish people having fun, drinkin, chatting, playing, when I understood life can be nice also there… I hesitated till then :)

Shocking with a frozen coke

I managed to finish work earlier one day, and go out for pics and sounds to publish in my diesel trips project… for u!
So go there and enjoy….