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Random access memories

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013


No sé, quizás porque lo he escuchado con los altavoces de mierda de un netbook, portátil…pero…

A mí, como con todos los discos de Daft Punk desde el Homework, se me queda un …

Ahá. Pues vale.

Quizás menos pijadas, menos funk que quizás no es lo suyo, y menos vocoders modernos y más concentrarse en lo que les llevó a lo más alto en el 97? Yo recuerdo apretar los cascos contra mis orejas de principio a fin del Homework y volverme loquito. Y el around the world lleva vocoder.

Barcelona Sónar rooftop parties in Raval (2011 edition)

Thursday, April 18th, 2013


For those who never came to these mythical magic parties we made during Sónar, here’s a bite of them.

But nothing as being there and enjoy it. Best of it is the people and also that we give our best there.
Video is very welcome since probably no more of these parties will be made. The place is not available anymore. So no more ‘see you next year’… gñé-

It’s always funny that floor in rooftop moved so much up and down because of our dances, that we feared it could collapse (veeery old building). The fix to this trouble was to limit entrance and to distribute some furniture over dancefloor so it wasn’t so scary. :P

Enjoy it:

Christian Holl documentaries

Friday, January 20th, 2012

A french guy who makes music with a great percentage of it being recorded sounds and bits from the world.

Don’t find the way to watch them online but give it a try! They are nice documentaries.

An intro: