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Our great parties at Manila

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


I was looking around for some pictures of last years and I found this incredible album and wanted to share it.
We organized great parties at b-Side Club, in Makati, Manila, on a monthly basis. Every last friday of the month we had the night here and we gathered european people with Filipino locals. The atmosphere was great and I believe most of it is represented by this pics…

The pictures are all incredible and were taken by our photographer, I can’t believe her pictures: they all have this light and she manages to get people caught with the best faces… she’s great butI don’t have her name/address now… if I find it, I promise I’ll update.

I want to thank Erik and b-Side Staff for the opportunity and the hope given when I found we could do real underground parties somehow in the Philippines. He’s great dj and has great music, as many others in Manila. Also my collective colleagues, Danny and Charlie from UK, have to be named for creating the Immortal Productions Collective and for being so nice :)

Go B-Side!

Go Immortal!

– and go underground culture , always

I’ll leave here some pics so you can have a starter… :)

Party ManilaParty Manila
Party ManilaParty Manila